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Photo 258

right now. mac photobooth. august 2009.

some days begin with statements and revelations. knowings and beings. easy and aware.

others are less grounded. still taking form. precariously teetering between productive and anxiously inert. unsure. intimidated. insecure.

this is one of the latter. i can feel the lure of retreat and indulgence in old patterning. of fear. of comparison. of lingering in front of the door. needing a push. the intangibility of faith. 

but i choose not to crawl into the corner. i choose not to doubt and wallow. 

so i am placing my palms together and i am calling.

calling it all in. 

throwing open the windows and whispering out loud my prayers for all i dare to become. for what i already am. for the life i am entitled to live.

a life where these things are essential:

surrendered open spirit.

authentic empowered being.

connected world community.

creating and experiencing beauty.

intimate, joyful and honest relationships.

abundant flowing finances.

easeful and adventurous travel.

i'm calling. 

because i know that if i don't, i'll have only myself to blame.

it's in the choosing. it's in the asking. it's in the believing. 

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Doorways Traveler
Doorways Traveler