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archive: November, 2009

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i just want to be free. 


and there's only one way there…


i love you. 

let's share this ride.

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these things i see- simple. ornate. utilitarian. soft. hard. rough. layered. metallic. texture and light and shiny and red. orange. yellow. green. blue. indigo. violet. transparent and opaque. flowing and still. open and closed. 

i could go on. and on. and never take a breath.

the camera allows me to stop. to take it in. even the cracks in between. 

explaining in a way i never could with words.


Doorways Traveler



today is all about foundation work. mission statements. intentions. operating systems. files, virtual and otherwise, being named, organized, and made accessible. 

and in perfect (albeit loud) harmony, there are about a dozen men under my nearly 100 year old house drilling and pounding an earthquake retrofit to make the house more stable. literally, they are reinforcing the underpinnings of our home. 


in kind, so am i. 

with lists and details and lining things up just so. 

order. a system. everything in it's place. 

(it's tedious. and frustrating. and necessary.)


this needs to be done. 

so that the doors will continue to open.


and i will continue to walk through. 

with grace. with ease. 

and with a (solid) foundation.

**in other news, check out the recent interview i did for the wonderful kate swoboda's the courageous traveler site. be sure to look at kate's main page, too, with links to many fabulous things, including both an e-course and a retreat in 2010. 

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