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squam art workshops. september 2010.

i came. i slept. i sat by the fire, napped, stayed mostly to myself, and kept it real with my british thelma. i enjoyed some truth telling and writing with the talented and transparent jen lee, had some lovely conversations with people i’d hoped to meet. i ate well and swam naked. i got exactly what i needed and now i’m ready to go.

goodbye new hampshire. onward to nyc!


  • stefanie renee:

    so happy to see and hear this!


  • Andi:

    Sounds like absolute heaven on earth! Swimming naked is the best. 😉

    lisa  replied:

    totally. xx

  • melissa:

    It was wonderful to connect with you at Squam and I am so happy you got exactly what you needed. Oh and I could hug you all day long! xo

    lisa  replied:

    you are so lovely.

  • Meghan:

    You really did fly under the radar!! Glad you made the time for you, but (selfishly) wished I would have realized it was *you* earlier :0 Thrilled to have met someone that inspires me so much in my own creativity and photography. xo

    lisa  replied:

    i’m flattered, meghan. really. so glad we had the moments that we did. stay in touch, ok?

  • gillian:

    Lisa it sounds like you remedied your soul there. So happy 🙂
    “stayed mostly to myself” sounds so much like me…I love groups but listen selectively and only join in when I have something of value to add.
    Your photos have a retreatishness to them, like you found your own space in which to just BE.

  • pixie:

    beautiful pics!!! can’t wait to hear more about your eastward adventures… huggy to you.

  • Kate Godin:

    I didn’t meet you at Squam but I was there too, and I love the moments you captured in these photos. I also have strong connections to both Bali and NYC. Also also so happy to see comments from and about my friends (Stefanie, Jen) here. Perhaps our paths will cross again.

    lisa  replied:

    sorry we didn’t meet, kate. i really enjoyed taking a look at your site. hope our paths do cross at some point.

  • grace moore:

    hello dear one,
    i was wondering around boulder today with my camera and remembered you. it was wonderful to spend time together. i learned quite a bit about conserving energy by observing you, thank you.
    i would love if you could send me a copy of the photo from the dock. when i attempt to share the squam experience with those who have yet to attend words fail me. your photo captures it for me. i remember exactly what i was feeling in the moment of the photo.
    blessings on your journey,


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