Doorways Traveler
Doorways Traveler

prayer from the liminal space.

surrender me like a Sufi, a dervish in the desert.

careless of consequence, show me my path,
my greatest service in the time becoming.

i want burning bliss,
loud with tablas and tambourines, rebellion and rapture.

and sated sanctity, filled with a silence
that deafens the most foreboding of fears.

open me to what is next, show me the grandeur of this threshold.

help me to risk the touching, the torture of transforming.

lift me from wonder and into awe,
seat me with devotion.

there is tension at this crossing, chaos in my cells.

i am winded, unsure,
and willing.

Who is not afraid of pure space–that breathtaking empty space of an open door? But despite fear, one goes through to the room beyond.

~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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  • Jo:

    I could have written every word (if I were anywhere near as eloquent). Yes, a million yesses.

    Also: of all the blogs I have in my reader, yours is the only one I am compelled to click through to so that I read your words in YOUR space : ) I just realised that and it made me smile. xx

    lisa  replied:

    flattered, humbled, and really missing you!

  • leonie wise:

    what Jo said. I too felt this deep in my core, like you are writing for me too.

    I hope you are okay that I shared some of your words on my site today. Let me know if it doesn’t sit well with you and I will remove them.

    Grateful for you, always

    lisa  replied:

    dude, share away! love you from sea to sea. xx

  • Anna:

    Love this, Lisa! Thank you for sharing you gift of expression on so many levels. The AML quote is perfect. ❤️


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Doorways Traveler
Doorways Traveler