Doorways Traveler
Doorways Traveler

what if.

what if this is it

what if now and never are the same

what if rising and falling are inconsequential
coming and going are parallel,
production and inertia, twinned

we pinch, jab,
heroically climb
and capture.

riddles and illumination
tucked under the arm of
fantasy and fate.

meaning is applied
while love is known
somewhere beating
and unprotected

i can’t seem to write a paragraph anymore.
order and exposition bent
in silvery clouds and
muddied water.

all i can conjure
is phrase and

and what if it is all random jest, anyway?
the marvelous beloved is everything.

what if  blessing is question
superseding answer.
god in the gesture.
glory in the gaze.

what if
in all this far-off wondering
i miss
the hummingbird that just flew outside the door.

(my girl is now 18, graduating high school today. i have honestly loved every moment. sentimental? yes. nostalgic? yes. regrets? sure. proud beyond measure? absolutely. ready? yes. because she is.)

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Doorways Traveler
Doorways Traveler