Doorways Traveler
Doorways Traveler

Honestly, I am many things. We all are, right?

I am a witness, narrator, liaison, photographer, interpreter, whittler, language-miner, image facilitator, poet, and ally.

I know for sure that I am here to offer legitimacy to our longings, and to know beauty as a birthright.

I do this with imagery, with words, and through one-on-one and group experiences.

I am known to love nothing more than connecting, really connecting, with another human being.

I’ve also got a thing for travel.

Though lately I am craving a monastic-like existence.

I savor moments of truth and transparency.  Seeing the same in self and other.

And I’d love nothing more than to meet you in the open field.

my son and daughter, the circle and the line, India, hot springs, foggy mornings, children singing, rose, antique carved doors, airplane tickets, sunrise hikes, moroccan tea glasses, running water, faded wood-blocked textiles, divinity, ethiopian food, byzantine jewels, ocean hair, red rocks, peeling paint, words, cashmere, linen, spicy chai, temple bells, mud, sun flare, indigo, hand-painted tiles, moorish arches, eye-contact, brainy humor, guitar strumming, kirtan, the silent laugh, balinese day beds, spooning, saag paneer, sufi poetry, indonesian silk, mindless movies, ginger & persimmon, candle-lit lanterns, quaawali, campfires, pine bark that smells like maple, bravery, a proper spa, old bookstores, white sheets, feather pillows, people who live the truth, yoga, bones, vision, truth, love.

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It was 2008, on a journey to Bali, Indonesia, in the realization of a dream to travel internationally with my family, that the idea of Doorways Traveler was born. Of all the detailed and exquisite creations on that island, it was the doors that called out to me most strongly. I wanted them. I wanted to walk through them, to photograph them, to touch them. I loved how so much care was taken in crafting an artful entrance, how crossing a threshold was made infinitely more special by these doorways. I especially loved the old ones with the layers of peeling paint and the stories they told of years and years of people crossing through.

It was in Bali that I started to know myself as Doorways Traveler. I began to envision a life rich with wanderings and creative persuit. I took a long walk down the main street in Ubud and through the rice paddies, all alone, and tried on this identity. Was it new? Or had it always been? I felt a calm and a peace. There was the complete absence of that knot in my belly that I became accustomed to in more than ten years spent pursuing a career as a midwife. It was easeful and right. It was me.

I began blogging in the year after traveling to Bali. Photography naturally followed. Visual details have always been a part of me, tormenting in a way that only beholding the beautiful can finely achieve. For much of my life, I thought it was normal to observe these things and to hold them inside, piled atop one another until I would shut down on occasion under the sheer abundance of it all. Once I found my way back to my camera, something I had studied in my early twenties, I realized that I had a medium that allowed me to reflect the things I see and experience; and to no longer hold them inside. I use cameras as another means to connect. In the process of sharing the images I create, and the stories that stand beside them, I discover who I am, where I fit, and how we all fit together.

Since making an appearance in this online world, I have had opportunities to travel to India, Uganda, the UK, Amsterdam, Mexico, and around my own country. I have made meaningful friendships with people from all over the globe. And, more than anything, it is through these relationships that I have recognized my most true and authentic offering. I know for sure that I am here to see and to connect, to offer legitimacy to our longings, and to know beauty as a birthright. I do this now with imagery, with language, and through personal and group experiences. Through all of this, my original intent is met: to seek, find, and travel through doorways to freedom. To love more and be happy.

As I’ve grown into the fullness of myself, I have acquired a few degrees:

BA Psychology and Sociology, minor in Women’s Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 1991
200 Hour Massage Therapy Certification, 1994
Certified Nursing Assistant Certification 1995
BS, Nursing, Regis University, 2004

I have no regrets for the time I’ve spent in the classroom. Though it may appear that I am not “using” these degrees in the way they might have originally been intended, it is not lost on me that every choice has led me to this moment–and to the work I am uniquely suited to do.

In addition, I have studied with and been in the presence of wise elders, Kundalini swamis, Native and South American shamans, Vedic astrologers, Buddhist teachers, Mystics, Sufi scholars, Yogis, Nobel peace prize winners, midwives, non-profit leaders, noted philanthropists, Ayurvedic healers, neuroscientists, Reike masters, Environmental educators, psychologists, authors, actors, artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, architects, and countless other brilliant humans. Everyone is a teacher. And I am forever learning.

Doorways Traveler