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Doorways Traveler
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The Doorways Project combines my passions for travel, beauty, and connection in a mission to share images and stories of women from around the world who are walking through doorways toward greater freedom in their lives. These doorways represent subtle or significant life decisions that demonstrate courage and compassion, and may defy reason and traditional choices, all leading to greater peace, happiness, and, ultimately, greater freedom.

What I have found to be true is that our doorways to freedom most always show up through our connections with one another. Through relationship. And our willingness to see and be seen.

It is my hope that the images and stories shared through this project will inspire women who may not yet feel they have found their doorway (or who may have been too afraid to pass through) to begin to look for their own unique passages to freedom from the suffering and separation they experience.

Further, it is my vision that the Doorways Project will create new doorways through alliance with compassionate international humanitarian organizations and the populations they serve; namely, those women who may not have the strength or resources to open the door for themselves.

The photographs and stories captured through the Doorways Project are shared here on this website (see above) and through other social media outlets and publications. Images and stories are always gifted freely, with unlimited right of usage, to the people and organizations featured.

The Doorways Project is my way of paying it forward. Of offering myself, my wanderlust, and my talents. Of finding my own doorways and freedom in the connection and convergence of my story with the stories of women around the world. And of finding that we truly are all the same.

So far, the images and stories for this project have been collected from women in rural villages of Rajasthan, India and Gulu, Uganda.  I traveled in 2011 to central and northern Mexico to gather images and stories of mothers and midwives who are directly challenged by the high rates of maternal and infant mortality in the region. These stories will be added soon.

Doorways Traveler